Rogue Combatives

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Who Are We?

We are a combat driven martial arts system located in Southern NJ, that provides training to various agencies and individuals who have the desire to learn the most comprehensive close quarters combat system in the world.

Elite Combatives is not just a Martial Arts School. We take it to the next level.

We specialize in Law Enforcement and Military Preparation, Civilian Self Defense, Disaster Preparation,

We offer On-Site Department Training, Individual, Private or Group classes. At your Home or at our facility our professional staff will cater to your needs.

So if you have the desire to:

  1. Get Fit.
  2. Pursue a career in Law Enforcement.
  3. Join an Elite Combat Unit.
  4. Be Prepared and Ready.
  5. Be better trained than the next guy.
  6. Learn new skills that will help you survive.

Then Elite Combatives is the system for you.

Elite Combatives

Provides the following Services and Courses:

. Law Enforcement Preparation

. Military Preparation

· Police and Military CQC Techniques

· Security Force Apprehension and Restraining Techniques

· False Identification Detection

· Knife/Stick/Baton Training

· Ground Fighting

· Self Defense

. Women's Self Defense

· Survival Training

· Firearms Instruction

· Weapon Retention

· Handcuff Training

· Pepper Spray Training

· Meditation

· Confrontation Management

· Team Tactics

· First Aid Training

· Conditioning and Physical Fitness

. Rope Rescue

. Rappelling

· Adult Combatives Training Course

· Includes all of the above plus Ninjutsu Training.

All Courses Listed are Available in Seminar Format with the exception of the Adult Combatives Course.

Please Visit Our Website for More Information.