Rogue Combatives

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What is Rogue Combatives?

 Jason Mowad is the founder of Rogue Combatives, a unique and adaptive personal combat training program. Jason uses his many years of experience to help you find your confidence, determine your potential, and help you push yourself to new levels of achievement.

Rogue Combatives combine traditional and modern contemporary martial art training techniques with a customized specific individual training program that have no yearly contracts or ranking system requirements.

Jason has developed a unique instruction regimen, which he has streamlined through 25 years of experience. It begins with a two part assessment process in which the client is evaluated through an interview, and an introductory training class, so that the specific goals which the client wishes to attain can be determined, and a specially targeted program may be constructed. In this way the comfort level, range of abilities, and goals of the individual student can be assessed, and each 90 minute lesson may be customized and personalized to fit each client's needs.

Jason utilizes your strengths to your advantage, and makes the most of your time. For example, each full lesson is broken down into three parts. Throughout the first part , Jason concentrates on actual combative skill training. He prepares and loosens the client's body so that the time is best utilized during warmup, learning new skills and putting the mind through motions that will later be adapted into actual combative techniques, rather than just running the client through basic calisthenics, and wasting precious time.

Why live in fear when you can live in confidence and awareness?

Rogue Combatives offers specialized physical fitness and martial training, designed to increase strength, manage trauma, build confidence, and develop peace of mind.

▪ Personalized training for victims of crime

▪ Preemptive self defense training cultivating combat mindset. Physical and situational awareness

▪ Comprehensive emergency preparedness and catastrophe planning for urban/suburban situations

▪ Philosophy, problem solving, and positive mindfulness. Fitness programs for all types of clients, including otherwise-abled.

 Invest in yourself, what better investment is there?

Martial arts training cultivates physical fitness, and enhances situational and environmental awareness.

Training = Skill. Consistent Training + Experience = Confidence + Peace of Mind.

▪ Well-rounded realistic urban American combat instruction encompassing comprehensive unarmed physical combat

▪ Mental callousing and awareness training. Preparation for realistic confrontational experiences. Outdoor training in realistic environments. What you train in is what you will fight in.

▪ Handheld, edged, and improvised weaponry training. (No projectiles)

▪ Cross training for competitive combat sports, or law enforcement and military forces recruit preparation.